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Lidia the robust headless digital commerce engine

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Lidia Platform

Lidia is a robust headless digital commerce engine for digital agencies, software houses and developers who are building modern applications. It is a set of stable micro-service API’s which can be used as BaaS, can be hosted on-premises or on the cloud.

Digital commerce

Digital Commerce is much more than a regular ecommerce transaction. It comprises marketing, selling, servicing, research, development, and procuring products. As organisations came to understand the change in customers’ behavior, they soke to grow business models and emphasized on digital channels to consolidate their retail experience.

Headless architecture

Our headless architecture gives digital agencies, software houses and developers the flexibility to choose any technology for the front-end and focus on customer experience for different channels while the e-commerce business logic is wrapped up in a set of ready to use Lidia Commerce APIs.

Backend as a Service (BaaS)

Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) allows developers to focus on the frontend of their applications and leverage backend services without building or maintaining them. Do not spend money on re-inventing e-commerce, we have all you need and will develop the backend further based on our deep e-commerce knowhow coming from dozens of enterprise grade projects.


We don't and won't force you to a big fat monolith infrastructure to make you able to create a simple B2C e-commerce application. If you don't need all our Lidia Commerce products just take what you need and use them. If -in the future- you need more, come and get it. We designed all our products as standalone microservices which can be hosted and used seperately.

You don't need years of experience and huge resources to build a robust
d-commerce solution!

Please click here to reach our first post on Lidia Commerce blog to help you to get started with development.

In addition to our blog, to get more information about Lidia Commerce Platform, please refer to our developer documentation.

The Lidia Approach

We've created a Beta program for the ones willing to evaluate Lidia Commerce Platform for their projects.

The Beta Program Subscription includes 3 months of free use of the currently available products.
Each of the product has it's own limitations for the Beta program but we are sure it will be a very good opportunity for you to understand the potential of using our headless platform.
More about the limitations you can find here.


Lidia Products

Our product family empowers development and creative teams with digital commerce features based on years of experience. This saves you thousands of hours of analysis, architecture and engineering workload.